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Anonymous 616 (2018)

Anonymous 616 (2018)

TahunDuration: 80 MinView: 13 views
11 votes, average 5.0 out of 10

Anonymous 616 (2018)

Anonymous 616 (2018), This film tells about a reunion between two couples which became a massacre when one of his friends met someone he did not know online. At that time he volunteered to be a participant on the bloody path to become like God.

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Jason gets an online text message containing “Hello Jason”. Then when Jason asked the sender of the text message, the anonymous replied “I’m the one who knows everything about u”. After getting the message without Jason knowing he wanted to do something very horrible, it was to be someone who carried out the massacre.

Jason himself did not know who the identity sent the message was. Without thinking Jason wanted to do a massacre of what anonymous people said he never knew. Surely this film is a movie that really drives our adrenaline while watching, so make sure to watch it together, don’t be alone! To find out about Jason’s continuation in carrying out the bloody support, watch Anonymous 616 at the cinema closest to your city.

Tagline:I’m the one who knows everything about U